About Us

The Pink Tie Affair was started in January 2008 to help a friend who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. The founder, Terry DiBattista, sent an email to a group of friends looking for some assistance in planning what she called a Pink Tie Affair. Her thought was to hold a dinner/dance to raise money to give to her childhood friend. The event was a success and raised a total of $6000. From that point on, we knew we had to continue.

In 2009, we connected with Duquesne University Law Clinic and with their guidance, became a non-profit corporation obtaining a 501 (c) (3) status. We also applied for tax exempt status and our application was accepted in January 2009. Under the guidance of the Law Clinic, we continue to grow our status. In 2010, we registered and were accepted to the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations.

Our purpose is to assist men and women in the Pittsburgh area who are challenged with breast cancer. We focus our support by providing financial assistance to those who have come to us during their difficult struggle with breast cancer. Our organization has fundraisers each year to provide the necessary monetary support. The generous support from the community has helped us achieve our goals in the past and has enabled us to continue our quest which, will in turn, allow us to help countless men and women.

Over the past 13 years, the organization has raised and donated over $300,000 and we have financially assisted 350 breast cancer survivors. We currently have 4 officers and 7 board members listed below:


Terry DiBattista - Founder

Judi Albert  - President

Lauren Emge - Vice President

Joanne Schaum - Secretary

Board Members

Terry DiBattista

Arlene E. Hall, PhD.

Kimberly Whigham

Father Michael Selep

Jackie Henderson

Tammy Gary

Donnie Bodell